How to Email Photos

G Craig 2008

If you want to email photos to someone, then  just attaching the photos to an email, will probably cause problems.  Firstly, modern digital cameras take photos that are typically 1 to 2MB in size, so if you send 4 or 5 on an email the email can easily be 6 to 12 MB in size.  This takes a long time to both send and to receive (nearly impossible if either end is on Dial-up).  Secondly,  the received photo(s) is too large to view on screen and one has to scroll around the screen to try and view it.  In addition a number of email providers won't allow the storage of large emails and will just delete them before the receiver even knows they are there!

Many graphics programs have a send by email function, so you could look in the program you use to view photos to see if it will do this.  However here is a detailed description of a simple solution.  A small program , easy to install and use to reduce the size of photos and email them.  The emails will be fast to send and receive and they will be a nice size to view as well.

Click here to get the free photo viewer program (Xnview) that I find very useful and will make it much easier for you to email photos.

A "File Download" box will appear - click "open."  

Note: if you are using the Firefox browser you will be asked to "save to disk."   Save it to your desktop (or any folder you prefer) and then go to the desktop (or to the folder you used), find the file "XnView-win-small" and double click it to open it.

When the "Setup Wizard" appears, click "Next"

then click "I accept the agreement"

then keep clicking "next" each time it asks you and finally "install"

Than click Finish when it has installed it.

Close all open windows and then you will find an icon on your desktop that says "XnView".  Double click it to open it.

When the program opens, find the folder, down the left side, where you have put your photos (maybe under "My Documents") and click on it

There may be a box in the middle of the screen saying "Tip of the Day".  Just close it.

Your photos should now appear on the screen, lots of small photos (called thumbnails).  Hold down the "Control" key on your keyboard, and click (using the left click button on your mouse) on the photos you want to email.  Don't let the "Control" key go until you've finished clicking the photos.

Each of the photos you have clicked on will have a highlighted frame around it, and the others won't.

Go up to the menu at the top and click on "Tools", then half way down that list click on "Send by email"

An email box will appear.  You can use this  just like sending a normal email, but I suggest you leave everything untouched except for the box that says "Size".  Click on the little arrow on the right of it and click on "Large" (this is assuming you have a reasonably fast internet connection and so does the recipient.  If either have a slow connection, such as dial-up, then click on "Medium" instead). 

Then click "OK"

After a short while (XnView is reducing the size of the photos during this time) your normal email box will come up.  It may ask you to confirm that it can use your normal email program.  Agree to that.  Then you have a normal email screen with the photos attached.  That's all there is to it.

Incidentally, XnView reduces the size of your photos for the email only, it doesn't change your originals at all.

This installation is really simple and the program is a breeze to use. Have fun.